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Who We Are

"infiDOF” stands for “infinite Degrees Of Freedom” that every real-life object has - We are an Engineering Organization with the sole purpose of Enhancing Engineering in all its infinite ways that it gets executed world over. Towards this, we are a highly motivated Team committed to setting up and nurturing an ecosystem - “infiDOF Ecosystem” – the universal set of all those who operate in the Engineering Domain, e.g. OEMs, Service Providers, Training Institutes, Colleges, Resources, etc.


To enable infiDOF Ecosystem to be evolving continuously towards better product realization for the end users.


To enable India to get ahead in the international arena and acquire the greatest share of engineering outsourced opportunity.

infiDOF Ecosystem

Engineering has evolved over centuries – from the early days of the Industrial Revolution to the current era of unprecedented technological innovation and excellence. The indomitable human spirit, however, continues to aspire for higher levels of excellence! To augment the quest for the next level of excellence in engineering, infiDOF wishes to establish an ecosystem consisting of OEMs, Service Providers, Resources, Experts, Trainers, and Training Institutes… We invite all of you – practicing engineering – to this ecosystem! We’ll be with you always on the journey of this ecosystem to newer realms of possibilities…

Welcome to infiDOF Ecosystem!

We, at infiDOF, will be the bridge among all the elements of engineering. We will serve all these elements based on their offerings and requirements. A Domain Expert, Engineering Service Provider, Trainer and Training Institute may post their capabilities and will be contacted based on the requirements. An OEM and a Service provider may list queries for finding appropriate solutions through this ecosystem. In this way all the elements will be in loop for better product realization.

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